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Discovery Flight

Are you concerned that flying is a big investment and you're not sure if you will like it? Maybe you would simply like to learn more about our flight school, or better understand the process required to get your pilots license. All the answers to your questions can be found in a Discovery Flight.

The Discovery Flight is a no-obligation introductory lesson. For only $45.00 you will have the opportunity to experience flying in a hands-on manor. This lesson includes time spent on the ground discussing basic aerodynamics, the principles of flight, and the process required to receive a private pilots license. Most importantly this lesson includes approximately 45 minutes of actual flight time. This flight is a hands-on experience where the instructor will guide you through basic flight maneuvers such as straight and level flight, climbs, descents, and turns.

If you decide after the Discovery Flight that you would like to continue with your training, all of the time spent on this lesson will be credited towards your goal of receiving a license. In the event that you decide flying is not for you, there is no-obligation to continue.

Please call, or e-mail, today to sign up for your Discovery Flight.


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