We offer full-service 100LL and Jet A.
Price updated on 8/8/19:

100LL: $5.65/gal.
Jet A: $4.75/gal.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please call to verify current rates.


Having a hard time finding hangar space? How about heated space during a Minnesota winter? We offer nearly 21,000 square feet of heated hangar space. Both daily and monthly rates are available.


Single-engine: $65.00
Piston Twin: $75.00
Cabin Class: $85.00
Turo Prop: $100.00
Jets: $130.00

Monthly | Sample Aircraft (Cessna)

SLSE: $130.00 | (120-152)
LLSE: $135.00 | (170-177RG)
SHPSE: $145.00 | (180-182RG)
LHPSE: $155.00 | (205-305)
SME: $205.00 | (303-340)
LME: $255.00 | (401-421)
Turbo Prop: $355.00 | (425-441)
Jets: $455.00

All prices are Estimates. Actual rates may vary. Call today for a quote on your specific aircraft.


Bruce has been working on aircraft between his military and civilian careers since 1969. He is an experienced Airframe and Power plant (A&P) mechanic with Inspection Authorization (IA). Call Bruce and make your aviation maintenance experience smooth, efficient, and reliable.


Piston Single: $70.00/hour
Piston Multi-engine: $85.00/hour
Turbine: $90.00/hour